As part of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment due diligence process, our personnel conduct visual field inspections of all your facilities to determine if known or reasonably ascertainable contamination of surface soils, subsurface soils, and/or groundwater with hydrocarbons or other toxic materials related to the assets existed

Process to confirm quality, status, usability, etc. of tangible assets being acquired

Post-signing/pre-closing (but may also be pre-signing)

Physical inspection of tangible assets

Very important due to typical waiver/disclaimer in agreement

We visually inspect all structures inside and out.

We look for clearings, dump or fill sites, drums, storage tanks, fill pipes, odors, pools of liquid, drains and sumps, staining, stressed vegetation, identified hazardous substance containers and unidentified substance containers, potential PCB containing equipment, water wells, and septic systems, among other things.

LOCAL regulatory and compliance support FOR the oil and gas sector. WE HAVE field offices established in THE major basins