Our Services

Facility Investigation & Characterization

We can support total compliance for a facility

  • Phase I , II, and III Site Assessments
  • Spill Impact Investigation
    • Surface Soil Sampling
    • Subsurface Soil Sampling
    • Surface Water and Sediment Sampling
    • Groundwater Sampling
  • Regulatory Groundwater Monitoring
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Remediation Sampling
  • Confirmatory Sampling
  • Installation, development, and testing of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Water Well/Stock Pond Quality
  • Groundwater Quality Assessment Plans
  • Baseline Water Sampling
  • NORM Surveys

Impactful Environmental Insights for the Oil & Gas Sector

Our data and analytics modules provide you with intelligence to rapidly assess the environmental performance of oil and gas assets and companies, streamline benchmarking, improve regulatory compliance, identify highest impact improvement opportunities or inform investment decisions.