OTA Environmental


OTA has been a great partner to work with. Their permitting staff and field employees are great to work with and do a great job communicating and getting the work done when promised. They are very knowledgeable in all facets of environmental permitting and make the process very easy for the operator

Rover Operating

OTA has been incredibly helpful with multiple compliance items we’ve had. They promptly deliver quality work to the customer and will work with you if something needs to be expedited. They are also knowledgeable about the regulations and stay on top of the upcoming regulations. We have been very pleased with the experience we have had with OTA

West Texas Operator

I’ve been using OTA Environmental for a few years now and they have exceeded our expectations as an environmental consulting firm. They have fair pricing and can be used for a variety of environmental jobs. I appreciate how they work directly with my field guys, while they are doing our LDAR inspections, and fix any issues right then and there. They are quick and reliable! Lastly, they are a great group of people and I’m lucky to call my sales rep my friend now

Peregrine Petroleum

OTA’s ability to quickly locate leaks and repair most of them while on site is a large reason our leak detection program was expanded beyond what is required. Their team is well-trained on the vast majority of production site equipment, saving our field personnel the time and money associated with repairing most leaks or by conducting routine preventative maintenance on tank hatches and control devices. Their knowledge of current regulations and potential changes continues to be a great resource that ensures we not only maintain compliance but lower our emissions as environmental impact becomes a more critical facet of our operations.

Multi-Basin Oil & Gas Production Company

With the growth and more stringent regulations between OOOOa, b, c, and the methane intensity tax, OTA’s team from field personnel to the executive team work together to assist operators in any environmental project. OTA executes the job, from inception to the final report in a timely fashion. The team will provide you with a stress free experience.

Elevation Resources

Environmental Engineer

OTA has proven to be a good fit for our company with their expertise in resolving environmental issues and innovative ideas. We rent several of OTA’s screw compressors and they are achieving over 98% run time. OTA makes safety a top priority when on our locations.

Recoil Resources Operating Inc

Production Superintendent

OTA has proven they work diligently to ensure regulatory compliance for leak detection & repair requirements for our company. They help coordinate scheduling and completion of testing with our office and field personnel for a multitude of sites located in WTX and OK and relay results in a timely and organized manner. We appreciate their competitive pricing and would recommend their services to others.

HSE & Regulatory Supervisor

We have used OTA Environmental Solutions for numerous projects and are always pleased with their professional and attentive service. Luis and his team are always available, communicative, and efficient, and we would highly recommend them.

Dallas Based Investment Firm

I have worked with OTA/Kimark for more than five years and I have consistently received superior service and compression equipment from them. Most recently we began a test program for 6 wells in Seminole County. When we added compression/optimization to the first well, the volume rose from 130 MCF to 410 MCF. We only needed 12 MCF/day uplift to break even for the pay-out. I highly recommend their products.

New Dominion

Production Foreman

OTA Compression/Kimark has consistently performed very well for us, and they have always been quick to respond and great to communicate if I needed anything. From their mechanics to sales, to their office staff, they are professional, easy to work with and have provided an overall very pleasant experience!

Eneferin Reources

Manager Compression Operations and Maintenance

OTA and Kimark have provided me with the best equipment and customer service (both during and after sale) of any vendor I have worked with in the past few years. I highly recommend them!!!

South Texas Midstream Company

I have thoroughly enjoyed my working relationship with OTA. They give me a great product that is highly efficient and great technical support at a very competitive price. The sales staff are very professional in their approach to customer service.

EXL Petroleum

Sr. Petroleum Engineer

Working with the OTA Compression staff has been a pleasure. They know what they are doing and have been very helpful

Health, Safety, Environmental and Oil/Gas Operator

OTA Compression always surprises me on their ability to meet tight deadlines. They go above and beyond making certain we have what we need, when we need it. Their response time and effort put forth tackling our requests and concerns always exceed my expectations.

EnerVest Operating LLC

Production Superintendent