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Investor Support

Each form of capital being provided for a transaction is now fully focused on environmental and regulatory issues. Being properly prepared for their demands will make a capital raise easier and more successful.

Senior Debt

Debt providers of all forms, senior and subordinated, defer environmental liability to the lender through their forms of lending documents.  In their documents, they require the lender to make significant representations to the lender’s knowledge and actions related to environmental issues. Throughout these documents, the lender must attest to their satisfactory performance of property reviews, adequate and updated permitting status and general performance of all regulation that exists.

  • When closing a transaction, does the lender have all of these answers?
  • Are they making representations with full knowledge and certainty?
  • OTA Environmental ensures the lender of their ability to respond in a more knowledgeable way.  Customizing its plan to meet lenders and bank’s requirements and comfort levels allow for bank documents to be executed with certainty.

Private Equity

The ultimate source of private equity are universities and large pension funds.  During the past few years, these entities have become more of an advocate for the environment.  They do not want their investments to reflect poorly on their institutions.  To achieve this, they require the private equity sponsor to be more responsive to how their underlying investments act and conduct their operations.

By being more pro-active with their environmental conduct, private equity funded companies will meet their investors’ objectives while generating a more positive story for their management.

OTA Environmental has significant knowledge of the private equity world and can partner with you to make environmental issues a positive aspect of your business plan and story.

Public Equity/Public Markets

Similar to the private equity world, investors and activists in the public markets are increasingly demanding of how public companies operate environmentally.  These demands take the form of public pressure, lawsuits and other distracting actions.  Ensuring proper environmental actions and governance will minimize these risks and allow you to focus on your business.

OTA Environmental understands the environmental and regulatory world we are now in and can partner with public companies to guide them through these evolving demands.

Impactful Environmental Insights for the Oil & Gas Sector

Our data and analytics modules provide you with intelligence to rapidly assess the environmental performance of oil and gas assets and companies, streamline benchmarking, improve regulatory compliance, identify highest impact improvement opportunities or inform investment decisions.